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Where To Buy Red Diamond Sweet Tea WORK

When we went to that same store last Thursday, the manager said they've stopped selling Red Diamond Tea. The same goes for the Dixie Mart on Industrial in Bossier City, where Owens bought another bad bottle.

where to buy red diamond sweet tea

But other stores where Owens says she bought bad bottles while on her "mission" -- the Piggly Wiggly in Haynesville and Andrew's Short Stop in Sarepta -- continued to sell Red Diamond Tea when we checked them out last Thursday. The manager at Andrew's now says they no longer carry Red Diamond.

"(The product) goes from the plant to the truck, from the truck to the store, from the store to the consumer for consumption. So somewhere along that chain there's a lot of opportunity for temperature changes to occur," says company spokesman David Davis.

"We are so excited to announce the launch of our newest ready-to-drink Red Diamond iced tea," said Emily Wood Bowron, Red Diamond's Vice President of Strategic Marketing. "It took the perfect lemonade to complement our propriety tea blend, and we can't wait for consumers to get their first sip of the sweet, tart flavor. We take taste and quality very seriously and are thrilled to have developed a delicious addition to our classic line."

Red Diamond, a 111-year old privately held, five generation family operated company founded and headquartered in Alabama, produces and sells a broad spectrum of quality coffee and tea products across North America and the Caribbean. Red Diamond services all channels including retail, convenience, healthcare, education, institutional and wholesale markets. To learn more about Red Diamond, visit

When I make Iced Tea I use loose leaf tea that I buy in bulk. This way I can make flavored tea easily. My current favorite is a citrusy black tea. But I have also made a peachy oolong, and a caramel white tea. I fill a large teaball with about an oz. of loose tea. I place the teaball in 2 quart sauce pan and pour a quart of hot water over it. I let the tea steep for about 30 minutes. After I remove the teaball I add my sugar. I use extra fine or powderd sugar because it desolves better. I like super sweet tea so I add about 4 cups of sugar. Once I have my concentrated tea syrup I pour it into a gallon jug and add water to fill. I have never heard of adding baking soda I will have to try it. Some times I will add fruit juice to my tea to make it special.

This south Ga girl thinks Luzianne Tea made with Dixie Crystal Sugar is the ONLY way to go. Best served with fried chicken, creamed sweet corn, fresh butter beans and sliced homegrown tomatoes! Hot peach cobbler for dessert!!

Now that i can buy Red Diamond tea bags i am happy to make my own.I use to use Lipton then i stopped liking that taste so i moved to Tetly and it was good for many years and then something happened to the taste(maybe cheaper tea leaves) I am so glad that when i make Red Diamond and use 1 1/2 cups of sugar(i do have kids around so make it a bit sweeter so they will drink it) that it comes out tasting just the same or even better then the jug.I started buying Red Diamond tea jugs because it was the only tea with real sugar and no Corn Syrup,yuck! I also use Cane Sugar because that is not GMO. Sugar Beets are mostly GMO and if you buy a bag sugar and it says SUGAR it could be Sugar Beet or Cane sugar.It will probably be Sugar Beet since that is the cheaper sugar to produce. It also states on the box i just read it has a good more antioxidants then the leading brand of teas. I have taught my teen how to make the tea and it saves her 3 dollars a day she was spending buying the tea jugs.

Summer looks a little different for us this year! My family is doing our best to enjoy sweet, simple traditions at home. For example, I bought some popsicle molds so my son and I could make homemade popsicles! The molds arrived in time to make some Sweet Tea Popsicles for the 4th of July holiday weekend! 041b061a72


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