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Peace Op 71a

Choir and orchestra


Peace Op71

For chamber orchestra


Ave Maria Op 65

SATB a capella 

In memory of Gilda Vellucci


I'm Doing Fine Op 64

Song for SATB 

Words by Shirley Davis


Angels Op 63

Cantata in 4 movements

Choir, orchestra and soprano and baritone solo

Premiered in Montreal 2017


Christmas Suite Op 62

5 movements Choir and orchestra.

Premiered in Montreal 2016


Suite Op 61

For solo cello, choir and orchestral

Premiered in Montreal 2015


An Englishman in Tuscany Op 60

For choir and orchestra

Premiered in Montreal 2012


May The Road Rise Up To Meet You Op 59

Short 4 part prayer with piano, or organ or chamber orchestral accompaniment.

Premiered in Montreal 2011


Peace and Tranquility Op 40 

Song cycle for choir and orchestra

Premiered  Montreal 2009

Cantata: Journey Op 54

For soprano and baritone soloists

choir and orchestra.

Premiered in 2007 in Oscar Peterson Hall, Concordia University.


Love Songs Op 40 
For tenor and strings Arrangement

of 3 of the Five Songs of Love

See below


The Lord’s Prayer  Op 52
A cappella piece which has yet to

receive a public performance

Reflections Op 51
Words and music Peter Willsher
This is an a cappella piece, written in memory of my mother
(Premiered by Cantabile Chorale May 2003, in Montreal)

Joseph Op 49
Words and music Peter Willsher

This is a carol for vocal solo and piano accompaniment

which was written in 2002.

Christmas Lullaby Op 45

Words and music Peter Willsher
This is a carol for Soprano with optional split altos, and piano accompaniment, written in 1998

Five Songs of Love Op 40
Words by Rupert Brooke
SSAA choir and soloists, strings and/or piano acc. 1980.

Composed for the Madrigal Choir of West Heath School


Child Of The Maid Op 39 
Words John Oxenham.
Christmas cantata for

female voices and piano

Composed for the Madrigal Choir

of West Heath School in 1979

Stabat Mater Op 38
SSAA and piano
Composed for the Madrigal Choir

of West Heath School in 1978

Voices Op 36

Words Tilda Swinton.

SSA and piano
Composed for the Madrigal Choir

of West Heath School in 1978

Now That Spring Has Come Op 35
SATB with piano acc. Words Trad
Composed for the

Southborough Choral Society

in 1977

In The Bleak Mid-Winter Op 37
Two versions SSA & SATB both with piano
Words C. Rossetti
Composed for the Madrigal Choir
of West Heath School in 1978

Everyone Suddenly Burst Out Singing Op34
Words by Siegfried Sassoon

For female voices and piano 
Published by Josef Weinberger.

SATB version published by Boosey & Hawkes
Composed for the memorial concert of

Pat Scanlon at West Heath School in 1975

Lay your Sleepy Head Op 33
A capella for female voices
Composed for the choir of West Heath School

in 1975



The Green Waltz Op 66

Full Symphony Orchestra

Celebration of Mr Green's 80th birthday


Mr and Mrs Green's Wedding Waltz op 65

For full orchestra 

Presented in 2019

Sinfonietta Op 58

for chamber orchestra

Premiered in Montreal 2018

Intermezzo Op 50
For viola and strings
Commissioned by Kevin James

Premiered in Ottawa 2002

Roots and Wings Op 47
Written for Sinfonia Musica
Published by Willsher Music

Premiered in Ottawa 2001

Americas Suite Op 46
For full orchestra
Commissioned by the Parkdale

United Church Orchestra

Premiered in Ottawa 2000

Helen Keller Symphony Op 44
For full orchestra
Composed for the Parkdale
United Church Orchestra

Premiered in Ottawa 1998

Two Pieces for School Orchestra Op 42
Composed for the School Orchestra of

Streatham and Clapham High School

in 1986



 Beth Op 69

Piano solo

In memory of Beth Baker


Anno d'oro Op 66

for piano solo

Presented in 2019


Suite for Piano Op 57


David Op 56

For solo piano 2009


Dance Op 55

For unaccompanied viola

Premiered in Ottawa 2009


Over Gatineau Op 53
A trio for violin, cello and piano.

Commissioned by Jackie Morris

Premiered in Ottawa 2005

Intermezzo Op 50
For viola and piano

Commissioned by Kevin James

Premiered in Ottawa 2002


Sadness Op 49
For piano 2002

Christmas Gift Op 48
For piano.

A piece for my family on

Christmas morning 2000

Wedding Fantasia Op 43

For piano
Commissioned and performed 1990

Wedding Op 41 
For piano

Recorded 1985

A New Life Op 32
Written to celebrate the birth of

my first nephew Robin Willsher

in 1972

Jig Op 31
For violin and piano 1970

Fantasia Op 30
For Piano 1970

Impromptu Op 29
Piano 1970

Rhapsody Op 28
Piano 1969

Miniature Op27
Piano 1968

Variations On A Theme Op 26

Dedicated to my brother ‘cos he let me drive his MG

Piano 1968

Poem Op 26
Piano 1968

Ballade Op 25
Piano 1968


Sonata Op 21
Piano 1967

In addition to the above are many compositions currently in electronic format. In between committing these listed pieces to manuscript, and or print, there have been many experiments with electronic music, some for commercial use, others for the developing of ideas and researching the available technologies. I'm finding long lost manuscripts of music written while at school. I have designated the first 20 'Op's to them, but there are significantly more than will ever see the light of day. Interesting for me to see how my style may or may not have changed, but not worthy of performance.

I also haven't listed the 30 or so Christmas songs that I wrote for my children to sing on Christmas Eves. Some are in the Christmas Suite. Believe appears in the cantata the Journey as well as the Christmas Suite. 

I will add the individual movements of the larger works eventually.

Peter Willsher’s  Musical Compositions (1968 -2020)






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