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The Benefits and Challenges of Playing Tomb Raider 2013 in Japanese with the Language Pack 135

a second soundtrack, "tomb raider (original game soundtrack)", was released by intrada records on july 30, 2013. the soundtrack was based on the original sounds of the game, and included vocal performances from lara croft. [120]

tomb raider 2013 japanese language pack 135

reception of the game was mostly positive, with many reviewers praising the game's characters and plot, but criticizing the lack of combat elements and the frequent load screens. writing for destructoid, game critic jim sterling noted the game's "excellent" story, and felt that the graphics are "not the greatest, but they are fairly good." he added "more of the same. which is what we're told to expect from a tomb raider game, and that's fine." [60] other reviewers praised the series' return to its roots, including pc gamer's tim turi, who described the game as a return to the series' roots and a "tremendously fun" game. he also noted the characters and setting as some of the game's best features. in contrast, ryan mccaffrey of ign considered the story and characters' development to be the game's biggest flaw, and stated the plot was "entirely predictable and in no way surprising." he also noted the game's several minor issues, such as the poor presentation of the english language, the frequent load screens and the low framerate. [62]

in its first week, the game sold over one million copies, becoming the fastest-selling video game in the series, and the best-selling game of the week in the united kingdom and ireland. according to chart-track, tomb raider was the best-selling game in the united kingdom in 2013, with 1.2 million copies sold. tomb raider was also the best-selling video game in france in 2013, with over 640,000 copies sold. [65]


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