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HD Online Player (Dosti - Friends Forever 2015 Hindi 7)

HD Online Player (Dosti - Friends Forever 2015 hindi 7)

HD Online Player (Dosti - Friends Forever 2015 hindi 7)

Dosti: Friends Forever is a 2005 Bollywood romantic drama film directed by Suneel Darshan and starring Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Kareena Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Juhi Chawla and others. The film is about the friendship between two men, Karan and Raj, who overcome various challenges and obstacles in their lives. The film was a moderate success at the box office and received mixed reviews from critics.


If you are looking for a way to watch Dosti: Friends Forever online in HD quality, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to stream or download the movie using various online platforms and services. We will also provide some information about the movie, such as its plot, cast, songs and trivia.

How to Watch Dosti: Friends Forever Online in HD

There are several options to watch Dosti: Friends Forever online in HD quality. Some of them are free, while others require a subscription or a payment. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • ShemarooMe: ShemarooMe is an online streaming service that offers a wide range of Indian content, including movies, TV shows, web series, plays and songs. You can watch Dosti: Friends Forever on ShemarooMe by subscribing to any pack worth Rs.129 or more. You can also get upto 100% Paytm cashback on purchasing any pack. You can watch the movie on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart TV. You can also download the movie for offline viewing.

  • YouTube: YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world. You can watch Dosti: Friends Forever on YouTube by renting or buying the movie from Shemaroo Movies channel. The rental price is Rs.75 and the purchase price is Rs.150. You can watch the movie on any device that supports YouTube. You can also download the movie for offline viewing if you buy it.

  • Dailymotion: Dailymotion is another video-sharing platform that hosts a variety of content from different genres and languages. You can watch Dosti: Friends Forever on Dailymotion for free by searching for the movie title and selecting the video uploaded by Moises Tvtv. The video quality is not very good, but it is watchable. You can watch the movie on any device that supports Dailymotion.

About Dosti: Friends Forever

Here are some details about Dosti: Friends Forever that you might want to know before watching the movie:


Romantic Drama

Release Date

23 December 2005


130 minutes




Rs.22 crore

Box Office Collection

Rs.38 crore

IMDb Rating


Plot Summary

The plot summary of Dosti: Friends Forever is as follows:

Karan Thapar (Bobby Deol) is the son of a wealthy businessman who lives a luxurious lifestyle with his emotionally distant parents. He is unhappy and lonely and often gets into trouble with his father. One day, he meets Raj Malhotra (Akshay Kumar), a poor orphan who works as a mechanic and lives in a slum with his friends. Raj saves Karan from a near-fatal accident and they become best friends.

Raj is in love with his childhood sweetheart Anjali (Kareena Kapoor), who is a doctor and wants to go to Canada for higher studies. Karan helps Raj to fulfill his dream by arranging for his visa and tickets. Karan also falls in love with Kajal (Lara Dutta), a London-returned girl who works as a fashion designer. Both Raj and Karan decide to get married to their respective partners on the same day.

However, fate has other plans for them. On the day of their weddings, Raj gets a call from Anjali's father, who informs him that Anjali has met with an accident and is in a coma. Raj rushes to the hospital, leaving behind his wedding. Karan also gets a call from his father, who tells him that he has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and wants to see him. Karan leaves his wedding as well and goes to his father.

Raj reaches the hospital and finds out that Anjali has lost her memory and does not recognize him. He tries to remind her of their love, but she rejects him. He is heartbroken and decides to leave for Canada alone. Karan reaches his father's house and reconciles with him. He also learns that his father has arranged for his marriage with Kajal's sister Kiran (Juhi Chawla), who is a widow and has a son.

Karan agrees to marry Kiran for his father's sake, but he still loves Kajal. He tries to contact her, but she does not answer his calls. He thinks that she has moved on with her life and is happy without him. He marries Kiran and tries to adjust to his new family.

After four years, Raj returns to India as a successful businessman. He meets Karan and they rekindle their friendship. He also meets Kajal, who is still single and works for him as a designer. He realizes that she still loves Karan and decides to reunite them. He invites Karan and Kiran to his house for dinner and reveals the truth about Kajal's feelings.

Karan is shocked and confused. He does not want to hurt Kiran, who has been a good wife and mother to him. He also does not want to lose Kajal, who is his true love. He tells Raj that he cannot choose between them and asks him to help him.

Raj comes up with a plan to make Karan realize his true feelings. He pretends to be in love with Kajal and proposes to her in front of Karan. Kajal plays along with Raj's plan and accepts his proposal. Karan is hurt and jealous and realizes that he cannot live without Kajal.

He confronts Raj and confesses his love for Kajal. Raj tells him that it was all a drama and that he did it for his sake. He also tells him that Anjali has regained her memory and wants to get back with him. He asks Karan to go after Kajal and be happy with her.

Karan thanks Raj for being a true friend and rushes to stop Kajal from leaving with Raj. He apologizes to Kiran for breaking her heart and asks for her forgiveness. Kiran understands his situation and lets him go. She tells him that she will always pray for his happiness.

Karan reaches the airport and stops Kajal from boarding the flight. He professes his love for her and asks her to marry him. Kajal accepts his proposal and they hug each other. Raj also arrives at the airport with Anjali, who has recovered from her coma. They reunite with Karan and Kajal and celebrate their friendship.


The cast of Dosti: Friends Forever includes:

  • Akshay Kumar as Raj Malhotra

  • Bobby Deol as Karan Thapar

  • Kareena Kapoor as Dr.Anjali Sharma

  • Lara Dutta as Kajal Sharma

  • Juhi Chawla as Kiran Thapar

  • Sherlyn Chopra as Leena Bharadwaj

  • Shakti Kapoor as Mr.Bharadwaj

  • Mahesh Thakur as Mr.Thapar

  • Aman Verma as Aditya Verma

  • Navni Parihar as Mrs.Thapar

  • Karishma Tanna as Nandini Thapar

  • Dolly Bindra as Sweety Singh

  • Lillete Dubey as Mrs.Malhotra

<h. Songs

Dosti: Friends Forever has a total of seven songs composed by Nadeem-Shravan and written by Sameer. The songs are sung by various artists, such as Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Kumar Sanu and others. The songs are a mix of romantic, sad and upbeat numbers that suit the mood and theme of the movie. Here are the names and details of the songs:

  • Yeh Dosti Tere Dum Se: This is the title song of the movie that celebrates the bond of friendship between Raj and Karan. The song is sung by Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan and Sukhwinder Singh and features Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol. The song has a catchy tune and energetic lyrics that convey the message of loyalty, trust and sacrifice.

  • Aisa Koi Zindagi Mein Aaye: This is a romantic song that expresses the feelings of Raj and Anjali for each other. The song is sung by Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Alka Yagnik and features Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor. The song has a melodious tune and sweet lyrics that describe the importance of having a true love in life.

  • Aur Tum Aaye: This is another romantic song that depicts the love story of Karan and Kajal. The song is sung by Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik and features Bobby Deol and Lara Dutta. The song has a soothing tune and emotional lyrics that portray the feelings of gratitude, happiness and hope.

  • Teri Banegi Yeh Dulhaniya: This is a wedding song that celebrates the marriage of Raj and Anjali. The song is sung by Udit Narayan, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Alka Yagnik and Kavita Krishnamurthy and features Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Lara Dutta, Juhi Chawla and others. The song has a festive tune and cheerful lyrics that capture the joy and excitement of the occasion.

Mujhe Jhoom Jhoom Ke: This is a party song that shows the fun and masti of Raj, Karan and their friends. The song is sung by Babul Supriyo, Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik and Sarika Kapoor and features Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Lara Dutta, Sherlyn Chopra and others. The song has a peppy tune and lively lyrics that invite everyone to dance and enj


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